Saturday, November 24, 2012


Energy Bill 2012

(part 1.)

aka. paying more for green power?

Count the days UK citizens!

The Energy Bill 2012 is to be published next week. It will summarise the measures the government will be taking to optimise the electricity and gas systems in the UK, making them more efficient and emphasise the increasing role of clean technologies in the UK power generation.

It will cover the policies undertaken to target UK climate change, carbon footprint limits, decarbonization and carbon dioxide emissions. As summarised by DamianCarrington, the Head of Environment section, Guardian, UK, the bill assesses government's energy plans which set out how Britain will power itself for the next decades. He pointed out clearly that the energy plan estimates how much money will be taken from each taxpayers' electricity and gas bill to pay for renewables/nuclear power generation/cleaner technologies and energy efficiency maintenance. Electricity and gas bills will increase roughly up to 95 pounds per household in 2020. Thus, every taxpayer will pay more for green power. The major issue that is not clearly addressed within the bill is the estimation target how much contribution the clear energy technology will make to the overall power generation in the UK in 2020s/2030s.

On the other hand, the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change MP Edward Davey, claimed, talking to BBC, that all the assumed targets either have been so far or will be met by 2020, including setting limits on carbon emissions, increased role of renewables in the UK energy generation, etc..

Also, it was confirmed that although the increase in electicity and gas bills is inevitable, more investments will be put into energy savings.

Lastly, he expressed hope that the higher contribution of clear technologies into power generation will be boosting local economies which in turn will deliver more 'green' jobs.

For enthusiasts, it is worth taking a glimpse over Guardian/BBC pages on discussion over the Energy Bill 2012 and have a read. Excitingly looking forward to seeing the Energy Bill 2012 finally out to the public and will find out how much controversy it will bring!

Stay tuned next week.

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