Saturday, December 01, 2012

Energy Bill 2012 finally out!

On 29th November 2012, the long-awaited Energy Bill was published, raising mostly optimistic reactions from the energy businesses and industry. On the other hand, the feedback from the public is rather sceptical, yet arguably understandable since there must be a price to pay if the government urges green energy resources to play more important role in the UK energy generation in the future. 

As Ed Davey, the Energy Minister, claimed in his speech, the Bill is about to transform the energy landscape with the aim for the UK to shift into 'low carbon economy'.  Apart from the emphasised criticism by energy customers facing higher prices for the electricity bills by 2020 and no definite stand on setting the decarbonisation limits in 2020s/2030s, no other flaws have appeared to be seen. Energy business professionals reacted calmly, highly anticipating incentives and governmental support to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions, take energy-reducing measures and implement and sustain greener technologies.

For enthusiasts, please do read through the Guardian article with a perfect summary of what the Bill is about, and the feedback it has generated from the whole spectrum of people involved, including UK citizens, energy business and industry professionals, environmental groups. 

The Energy Bill 2012 can be downloaded from the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change official website.

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